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Abstract B


A biography, also known as a bio, is a concise account of a person's life. It depicts a person's perception of these life events rather than only the bare details such as schooling, employment, relationships, and death. A biography, unlike a profile or curriculum vitae, tells the store of a person's life, highlighting different aspects of their life, including personal information.

Abstract D


Dehumanization, tyrannical regimes, environmental disasters, and other characteristics synonymous with a cataclysmic collapse in civilization are common features of dystopian societies. These topics appear consistently throughout these dystopian novels.

Abstract R


The main plot of a mass-market romance novel, according to the Romance Writers of America, must revolve around the two people as they grow romantic love for each other and work to establish a relationship.

Abstract H


Of course, we all know that history does not repeat itself, at least not in the same way. However, some, if not necessarily all, of history's most influential leaders were avid historians. They must have learned something from their forefathers, even if it was just how to avoid making the same mistakes as previous generations.


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